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Collection Louis de France: English Website about the history of the french Kings and Queens

The ancient Kings of France and Navarre

The French Monarchy during the Ancien Régime

From today's perspective, the French Ancien Régime is regarded as an era of exploitation of the common people but which way in fact were the ruling kings really? Only wasteful constructors, warlords and aristocrats deployed by god's grace?
Based on historical documents and publications, the Collection Louis de France mainly is engaging with the rich history of the French Ancien Regime, the court life of Versailles, the royal residences and "Maisons de Plaisance". In short, with the more than one thousand years lasting french monarchy in general.

It explores the rising and the disastrous breakup of the houses Capétienne, Valois and Bourbon, wich ruled the politics in France and codetermined the history of Europe and at least the whole world between 987-1789.

For completion, there is also a section that deals with the Bourbon Restoration after Napoleon's Empire and the ending of the french monarchy with the last King of France, Louis-Philippe I. d'Orléans.

Uniform Button

Button of an uniform of the royal french Gardes du Corps du RoiSecond restauration: Uniform button of the Gardes du Corps du Roi (the kings bodyguards) showing the stylized sun.

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Assassination of Henri IV

Autograph Louis XIII - Letter that announces the assassination of King Henri IV - Assassinat may 14, 1610Letter written in the name of the young King Louis XIII that announces the assassination of his father King Henri IV.

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Croix de Chevalier

Croix de Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur (Knight Cross Medal of the french Legion of Honour) - restauration france - King Louis XVIII.Reign of King Louis XVIII: Knight cross of the french Legion of Honour with a portrait of Henri IV.

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Count Prosper de Terves announces his commemoration orders for the guillotined martyr King Louis XVI of France and his spouse Queen Marie AntoinetteCount Prosper de Terves: commemoration for King Louis XVI of France and Queen Marie Antoinette on january 21, 1828.

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Silver Medal

silver medal with an portrait of King Louis XVI of FranceSilver medal of the L'Académie des Sciences, Belles-lettres et Arts de Rouen with a portrait of Louis XVI.

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Last Will Facsimiles

Historical facsimiles of the last will and testament of King Louis XVI of France and Marie-AntoinetteHistorical facsimiles of the last wills and testaments of King Louis XVI of France and Marie Antoinette.

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Machine of Marly

Engraved technical drawing of the Machine of Marly, which hauled the water for the fountains of the gardens of the palace of versaillesEngraved technical drawing of the Marly Machine, which hauled the water for the gardens of versailles.

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Canal de l'Eure

Engraving of the Eure Channel (Canal de l'Eure/ Canal Louis XIV) by Vauban which was planned to transport the needed water to the fountains of the chateau de versaillesEngraving of the Canal de l'Eure which was planned to haul the needed water to the fountains of Versailles.

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Pamphlet Essay historique sur la vie de Marie-Antoinette, reine de France et de Navarre - Lampoon against the last Queen of FranceLampoon against the Queen: Essay historique sur la vie de Marie-Antoinette, reine de France et de Navarre.

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Château de Versailles

Engraving of the Château de Versailles of King Louis XIV of FranceEngraved view of the Versailles Palace at the time of sun king Louis XIV of France (by Huquenet).

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Royal Declaration

Declaration of King Louis XV of France - Punishment of thiefs Declaration of the young King Louis XV of France respective the punishment of thiefs (1724).

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Assignat de 15 Sols

Assignat of 15 Sols (french money / currency) - revolutionary paper money Revolutionary french currency: Assignat of 15 Sols with symbols of the constitutional King Louis XVI.

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Deed of Donnation

Deed of donation signed by Louis XIII of France - The King donates the Sieur de Liancourt his friend and premier gentilhomme de la chambre du roi with confiscated goods Deed of donation signed by Louis XIII of France: The King donates confiscated goods to the Sieur de Liancourt.

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